Empathetic Children practice Kindness: Unselfie by Michele Borba…

“Want unselfish kids? Help them practice kindness”

“Want happier kids? Help them practice kindness”

“Want popular kids? Help them practice kindness”

“Want kinder kids? Help them practice kindness”

“Kindness is contagious, needs just a spark to ignite, and spreads quickly”

“The more kids see, hear, and practice kindness, the more likely they’ll adopt it as a habit.”

“Kindness can be strengthened like a muscle, but regular workouts are crucial for it to become habitual.”

“Acts of kindness must be meaningful and varied to reap gains.”

“Kids learn kindness by comforting, helping, caring, sharing, and cooperating, not through hearing lectures or doing worksheets. It should be taught as a verb, not a noun.”

Sharing some inspiring quotes are from my #currentread Michele Borba’s ‘Unselfie, Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in our All-About-Me World.”

Book Haul…

Found these for a $1 each at our library’s used book section. Book 1 was a fast paced, entertaining read and the ending caught me by surprise which is usually a good measure for a mystery novel. I feel like a good detective novel is like a puzzle that needs to be solved. It provides good stimulation to my brain while also relaxes it at the same time by allowing it to catch a break from the regular thinking patterns. So excited to have discovered Inspector Gamache and this book series!