Another simple Ganesh craft…

A simple and very imperfect project that I finished only yesterday…I used the perler bead Ganeshas that we made recently, and glued them onto an old, repurposed canvas. Honestly, after I was done with this, I found a thousand things that didn’t work out the way I wanted them to. I still cringe a bit when I look at it. I made a ton of mistakes on this one, and those mistakes were all I could see for some time. I didn’t want to show this to anyone, let alone post it here. But then, I remembered how I felt when I heard my daughter indulge herself in this kind of self criticism about her creative projects, where as all I saw in her work was her effort and her joy as she worked on it. I decided to practice what I preach to her. I decided to try and celebrate my own effort and my own joy that I experienced while I worked on this. So, it’s not perfect but it’s mine, and I am choosing to be brave.

The words I wrote here are an ancient Sanskrit prayer that I learned as a child. I taught this one to my daughter when she was younger. And I am teaching it to my boys now. Not because I am very religious (which I am not), but because I love Sanskrit as a language. It’s ancient and it’s a beautiful language. I particularly love how this prayer sounds when it is sung in the proper rhythm.

“Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakoti Samaprabha. Nirvghnam Kurume Deva Sarva Karyeshu Sarvada” — I won’t try to translate this here, but at a very high level, this song is a salutation to Lord Ganesha, believed to be the remover of all obstacles, asking him to shower his blessings and remove all obstacles. It is sung particularly before embarking on a big journey in life. .

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