A New Birthday Tradition…

We did a thing yesterday. I think we may have started a new birthday tradition with mommy. I took my kids to the bookstore by myself and let them pick one book each as their early birthday present from their bookworm mommy. I think I’ll do this with each of them every year from here on for as long as I can. .

The boys’ fifth birthday is only a few days away. I got coupons for special treats at the cafe for each of them from Barnes & Noble (they are signed up for their kids club). Plus there is a 50% off blowout sale going on at B&N this week. The stars were lined up yesterday to make the trip to the store. So, I took all three kids there by myself, and asked them to choose one book each as an early birthday present. The boys are fascinated by Avengers and other Super Heroes lately so I threw away our 50% off coupon and let them pick the books that they wanted. Then they each got a free birthday treat from the cafe, which made them feel very special. .The best part of the day was snuggling up with them in the bed at the end of the day and reading stories to them from the books they picked 💕. .

I am very excited about this new bookish birthday tradition. I hope that I am able to do this every year with my kids. More than anything, I sincerely hope that all three of my kids are able to find joy in reading as adults, just like their mommy did 🤞.

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