Mom Diaries…

Laying on the grass on a lazy Sunday morning and watching clouds move in the sky….Isn’t the sky very interesting? Slow down, summer!

The reality is, this lasted for a grand total of 2 minutes, after which one of the boys came running to me with big tears because he fell off the monkey bars and injured his hand 😃. This was then followed by our usual ‘boo-boo’ protocol of snuggles, special boo-boo kisses, running inside the house to get band aids, putting the magical band aid on, followed by more snuggles. He laid down next to me on the grass for a few minutes once the protocol was executed, and both of us watched the clouds together. We watched them shift in the sky, imagined shapes out of them, and even made up little stories about them. All of this also lasted for about 5 mins before another demanding parenting situation presented itself with my other two kids, and I had to rush into the house to attend to it 😃.

Luckily for me, I have been doing this long enough to know that this is all part of being a parent to multiple kids, twins for that matter. I take my mindful mental parenting breaks whenever I can, however short lived they are. And I have accepted the constant interruptions also, so I don’t get annoyed by them for the most part. These short mental breaks are my life savers. They keep me centered so that I am able to parent my children from a happy place of love and compassion, not an unhappy place of discontent and irritation.

“Bring acceptance to your non-acceptance. Bring surrender to your non-surrender. Then see what happens.” ~Eckhart Tolle

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