Dragon Night by JR Krause

A cute story about friendship and compassion. Georgie is afraid of the night and dragon is afraid of the knight. Together, they both explore their fears, always being compassionate towards each other. A beautiful friendship blossoms between the two. And they help each other overcome their fears in the end. .

Swipe to see a page from the book that I really liked. It’s the picture of Georgie sitting in the lap of this giant dragon, while the dragon shows him the beauty of the night, the very thing that Georgie is afraid of. Georgie feels so calm in those moments with his friend that he dozes off in dragon’s lap while watching the stars ❤️. This page spoke to me in many ways. We are all filled with our own fears and insecurities. When we are able to be compassionate with each other about them, without doling out judgments, then we are able to connect with each other better, and suddenly the world becomes a much better place to live in. It’s a very important message to pass on to the future generation also. It’s also very common for us all to judge people by their appearances, so the picture of this fierce-looking, giant dragon cuddling a little boy in his lap is so special ❤️ .

How often do we as parents encounter situations in our daily lives where our children behave in challenging ways because they are filled with fears about some thing? And we are in such a rush to cross off items from our own to-do lists that we forget that underneath it all is a child who feels scared and needs a compassionate adult to help him overcome all of these big feelings? And that there is no greater job than this for us as parents? I felt like this book is a gentle reminder for all the parents out there to be compassionate towards their children, especially when they are struggling with big feelings, to connect with them like the dragon connected with Georgie, to help them overcome challenging feelings, and also to nurture a deeper, long lasting bond with them.

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