As a bookworm mother, it’s always rewarding for me to watch my kids read a book together 💕 .

In this picture, my 4 year old twin boys are reading Dinopedia together for the millionth time. They check this book out every time I take them to the library, some times even right after returning it. And they always read with such curiosity and enthusiasm! They have the dinosaur names memorized by now, so they don’t need me to read this to them. They browse the pages by themselves, repeating the dinosaur names to each other and even repeating some facts about the dinosaurs (meat eaters vs plant eaters, etc) to each other. This book is their first foray into independent reading. With huge, engaging pictures and subject matter that’s fascinating to 4 – 5 year olds, this book is definitely a true winner I think. Highly recommend!

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