Cuteness πŸ’•

Shhh! There are three sleeping chameleons in our house and every body is encouraged to whisper so that they don’t wake them up with their loud voices πŸ˜ƒ. .


Our chameleons are nocturnal because they wake up at night ready to snuggle with their owners, to provide them comfort and to keep the nightmares away from them. We love and appreciate them so much that we found a tree bark during our outdoor adventures that we felt would make a perfect bed for them. We brought it home excitedly, took the elders help in cleaning it first, and then we promptly transported it to our bedroom. Every morning, we gather our tired chameleons and lay them to rest in this tree bark, after giving them special goodbye hugs and kisses, and leaving a snack for them close by (in a lego container that we made just for them), just in case they need it. Every night, we wake them up before our bed time and snuggle with them all night. .


Ah, the cuteness πŸ’•. So blessed!

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