Library Love 💕

The excitement of discovering new books at the library is such that one has to plop down on the nearest chair and read those books eagerly as though they’ve been starved for interesting books 😊 .

It’s fun to take them to the library and have them pick their own books. One of them gravitates towards books on Dinopedia, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Lego Starwars, etc. He also likes to look at all the middle grade fantasy books with pictures of dragons and other whimsical creatures. The other one gravitates towards books with generous doses of humor like Piggie & Elephant, Ducks on a Truck, Fly Guy series, Froggie series, etc. They both know exactly where these books are located and get there by themselves without having to look at the alphabetical ordering of the shelves. Then they like to sit in the children’s room and work on puzzles on their own for a bit before heading out. Love it all 💕

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