Happy 50th Anniversary, NASA!

Happy 50th anniversary, NASA! Our library was filled with books related to Apollo 11 and Moon landing and astronauts and space ships yesterday. We checked out quite a few books related to this subject. And why not? It’s a great opportunity for us to get excited and learn something new together. .

Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11 is an amazing picture book with the story of Neil Armstrong and his crew and their adventure to the moon on Apollo 11. It is filled with fascinating details related to the Apollo 11 launching. My boys and I really enjoyed this book 🙌🏼 .

If you decide to go the moon: This book is a great companion to the book above. It has facts like the distance from earth to moon, what are the craters on the moon, how are they firmed, how do astronauts travel to moon, how long it takes to get there, what to wear and why, what to expect while in space (funny facts related to the lack of gravity there like food floating in the air), and much more. Highly recommend this one too!

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