Zathura by Chris Van Allsburg…

Remember the Budwing Boys, Danny & Walter from Jumanji? They are back in this fun sequel to Jumanji. I didn’t read Jumanji book yet although I watched the movie multiple times. In this book, Danny and Walter find the fame Zathura which takes them on a fascinating space adventure. .

The story is quite engaging to both adults and kids alike. The illustrations are beautiful, but for some reason they are all in black and white. My boys asked me why the pictures are all in black and white. Frankly, I don’t know the reason and I told them so. Except for this one little thing, this book is otherwise quite an adventure for the little ones with the Budwing Boys getting stuck to the ceiling (no gravity) or getting sucked into black holes or blowing up like balloons and rescuing each other from such disasters. Overall, a fun space-themed read-aloud for our space-themed summer reading challenge! I would caution that it could be a bit lengthy for a bedtime read for the younger kids. It was perfect for my nearly 5 year olds because they seem to be at that age where they appreciate an interesting plot, even in their picture books.

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