Leaf Projects with Kids…

“If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere.”

If you stopped noticing fallen leaves or other such beautiful things around you, I encourage you to consider reading this post. I have been picking fallen leaves during my morning runs and bringing them home just because they looked interesting to me with their unique shapes, sizes and colors. The kids and I have been doing more creative projects with them like leaf suncatchers, traced and painted leaves using water colors, leaf rubbing with chalk pastels, etc. There’s another idea shaping up about making a flower with leaves that my daughter is excited about working on soon. .

These are all admittedly amateur artistic attempts but still they bring us all so much joy that the end result does not matter at all. It’s the process itself that becomes more important and fulfilling. Isn’t that what all great spiritual leaders try to teach us? I love it that my kids willingly join me at the table to work on their own creative projects whenever I sit down with something like this. They also often bring home their own tiny treasures like little stones from the playground, a fallen feather or a uniquely shaped leaf, etc. Then all of us brainstorm ideas on what to create with them, pick one idea or multiple ideas and get to work together. .

I hope that my kids will always carry this sense of wonder at the beauty and abundance of nature in their hearts, well into their adult lives. I know from my own experience that this could become a precious tool in their tool box of coping tools for life that is freely and abundantly available for them to tap into at anytime. One more important side effect of this is it keeps us all away from the screens and that’s such a blessing in itself 💕

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