On The Origin of Species Picture Book…

I will admit that I bought this beautiful book as much for myself as for my kids. It’s filled with gorgeous illustrations and fascinating scientific facts. The page with pictures of evolution of human beings from apes is a big hit with my boys already. .

I was fascinated by Darwin’s theories as a child. I have my adult version of Origin of Species in my home library that I hope to read it in its entirety some day in future. I was so excited to see a picture book version of the same that I decided to just buy it. In full disclosure, I have read this book to myself but not to my kids yet, although we browsed a few pages together. I am trying to figure out a good time to read it to them so that I can patiently answer all their questions. I am sure they will have a ton of them. On that note, this definitely does not seem like a bed time book to me.

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