Summer Diaries…

You were shy. I could tell from the way you were trying to cover your body with your hands that you were not comfortable being shirtless in public. You watched your twin brother go all out, enjoying the water sprinklers on a HOT afternoon, without caring one bit about his naked torso. You tried to imitate him. You stayed close to him and tried to enjoy the sprinklers with him. You watched other kids around you splashing in the water with naked torsos and tried to fit in. You enjoy water in general and sprinklers are a lot of fun for you. So, you tried. You asked me for your bathing suit a few times but unfortunately I didn’t bring your bathing suit with me because I didn’t know that we would be needing it (lesson learned!). You seemed to have gotten over your discomfort for a little bit. I saw you splashing in the water for a few mins along with your brother. You never left his side by the way. I thought you were going to be fine so I relaxed and sat down. You ran back to me within a few minutes. You wanted your shirt back on. I gave you a hug for trying, dried you with a towel and helped you put your shirt back on. We sat down and watched your brother enjoy the water sprinklers for the next few mins. You never changed your mind about coming out of the sprinklers. You never looked back. You made a decision that was right for you. .

A few things from this simple incident that I noticed about you that warmed me heart: .

. You are brave to push yourself out of your comfort zone. I was right there with you in spirit experiencing all of your discomfort. .

. You and your twin brother are quite an invincible team together. It was so heart warming to see how naturally you leaned on him to help you get over your discomfort and how naturally he let you do it. As hard as it is to raise twins, these small incidents show me yet again how precious twins are and how lucky I am to have been chosen for this path. .

. You knew to listen to your inner voice ultimately, despite what everyone else around you was doing. .

. You are shy, introverted and oh so adorable 💕 .

I Love you all the way to the moon and back,

Your proud mama 😘

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