Space Themed Crafts with Kids…

It’s been a busy day for us over here as we made spacecrafts with used toilet paper rolls, cardboard, paper and a glue gun. We also made play dough together at home. The kids decorated their spacecrafts with glitter glue and markers. They drew pictures of aliens and one of them even chose to draw an American flag on his spacecraft (perfect for July 4th weekend). They chose to also draw their own aliens on paper using their markers. We made play dough together afterwards and the kids created more aliens out of this play dough. Such a creative day! So rewarding and fulfilling! I am really impressed by my 4 year olds’ drawings. I can see how they have progressed from just scribbling randomly to drawing faces, bodies, etc. Its so exciting to watch this progress! The bonus from all of this is the kids have all earned extra points and raffle tickets towards their Summer Reading challenge at our library for participating in space themed crafts 💕

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