On Narrating Stories to Kids…

““Storytelling is our obligation to the next generation.” ~Author Unknown.

Reading to kids on a regular basis is great, but narrating stories to kids without using books is also quite powerful by itself. My father used to tell stories to me on a daily basis when I was growing up in India. I didn’t have a good access to story books in my childhood. My parents didn’t read aloud picture books or story books to me when I was a kid. But my father used to narrate stories to me and my sister every night before bed time. He used to repeat the same stories several times, but we didn’t care. We loved listening to them. He used different voices and often replaced some characters in his stories with characters from our real lives to make them more interesting to us. This nightly ritual of him narrating his stories with my sister and I laying on the family bed on either side of him, with our limbs all curled up, and laughing our hearts out, is a fond memory from my childhood that is tucked away in my heart forever. As an adult, as an avid reader who did a lot of her growth and learning in her adult life via books, and as someone who looks at books as her friends (my kids make fun of this), I know now that the seeds for all of this were planted on that family bed when my father narrated stories to me. I narrate some of those stories to my kids sometimes. The original stories have been changed several times by now as they were passed down from one generation to next via word of mouth, but they are still priceless. .

My father is visiting us now and my children keep begging him to tell just one more story. Life has come a full circle for us 💕

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