Tall Trees, White Fluffy Clouds and Bright Sunshine…

“Advice from a tree: Stand tall and proud, Go out on a limb, Remember your roots, Drink plenty of water, Be content with your natural beauty, Enjoy the view” ~Ilan Shamir

I am fascinated by tall trees and white fluffy clouds and bright sunshine peeking behind them. Nature IS Devine. My heart is filled with gratitude for having reached a good place in my own personal journey where I am able to soak up the divinity of nature to my heart’s content. No matter what my external circumstances are, nature is always available to me to provide respite from my own subconscious mind and it’s repetitive thinking patterns. It is there always to help me feel connected to the universe around me when my own subconscious mind turns against me and tries to isolate me from the same. This is something that I try to teach my kids also. They may or may not know how to worship a statue in a temple, but I will teach them to see the sacred-ness of a flower blooming in their garden or a beautiful sunset in their backyard. I will try to teach them that everything in this universe, from a small speck of dust to the big beautiful sky is sacred 🙏🏼

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