Rethink The Way We Discipline: Playful Parenting by Dr Lawrence J. Cohen…

“Playful Parenting is based on an attitude of respect toward children and an attitude of wonder toward their world. If children are happy, and we are too, that respectfulness is pretty easy. It’s harder when they’re miserable or making us miserable…Taking a fresh look at discipline and children’s behavior, we can see that closeness, playfulness, and emotional understanding are better bets than punishment, behavior modification, and too much permissiveness.”

~Dr Lawrence J. Cohen, Playful Parenting

Children don’t have the skills that are necessary to regulate their emotions. They need adult guidance and support for this. Children around the world get abused in many big and small ways because they are powerless when they are facing an adult with authority. Let’s use our power and privilege as parents wisely, keep an open mind to be able to reevaluate our discipline strategy as often as necessary, do our best to model good behavior by keeping our own emotions under check, and thus make our own contribution to humanity by raising children who don’t grow up into adults who need to be fixed 🙏🏼

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