On not over scheduling kids and embracing free time…

Just sharing a couple of recent inventions of my 11 year old daughter. She used recycled materials for all of these projects. .

She made herself a hair accessory stand using cardboard, acrylic paints and a glue gun. I love everything about this ofcourse, but I especially love her very own custom design with one end made to accommodate her hair elastics and a little hair clip holder in the front. She has been frustrated with how easily she looses her hair elastics and her hair clips so she solved that problem for herself 💕

She also made a earring stand using thermocol, silver masking tape, used cardboard boxes and a glue gun. She attached a small used cardboard box with a lid in the back to hold her earring backings because she was frustrated with how easily she was loosing them. We have both been using this earring stand for about a couple of months now and it is not only very practical and useful, but it is also holding up very well so far. Plus it looks sparkly, feminine and beautiful, and we didn’t pay a single cent for all of this 💕

Apart from these two, she also made a small utility with used cardboard to hold long electric cords for chargers and such so that they don’t get tangled up. She is in the process of making tree shaped bookends using cardboard again, but she is having trouble with this because cardboard is not sturdy enough to hold books. She is in the process of trying to solve this problem now.

There are a lot of things about her creativity and enthusiasm that warm my heart, but I absolutely love the fact that she comes up with all of these ideas on her own whenever she gets bored, without any coaxing from anyone else. What this tells me is giving her free time where she can get bored is actually a gift for her. We said ‘no’ to over scheduling our kids a couple of years ago and it’s been a great decision for our family. Hopefully, this post will inspire another family out there to cut down on scheduled activities and embrace free time 🙏🏼

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