On media influence on children…

“When this role is assigned to them, and they go along with it passively, they are just locking themselves in the tower of powerlessness. One great way to take a step out of this tower is to understand how television influences people…Do you know who the true experts are in tuning in to children, understanding their motivations, their themes, their feelings? These are experts who put my fellow child psychologists and myself to shame. They spend hour after hour, day after day, paying attention to children and trying to figure out how they think and what they feel…they have an interest – their profit – in knowing what makes children laugh, what scares them, what they like to play. We have to do at least as good a job as they do. Our stake in paying attention to children – tuning in – is much greater than a simple profit motive.” ~Lawrence J. Cohen, Playful Parenting

“What characterizes contemporary capitalistic societies, particularly the United States, is the exploitation of children as consumers. Toy and clothing manufacturers and the music and movie industries now view children and youth as a vast market…as children and youth become markets, their health and welfare become secondary to the accumulation of capital as they did at the time of Industrial Revolution.” ~David Elkins, The Hurried Child (referenced in Playful Parenting)

“Unplug and Play” ~Lawrence J. Cohen, Playful Parenting.

I just finished reading ‘Why Kids Kill’ by Peter Langman, in which Dr Langman cites violence in media combined with mental health issues in adolescence as some of the main reasons for extreme violence in kids. US is at the top as far as such violence goes. It’s interesting for me to see how this ties into the quotes that I copied here from my #currentread : Playful Parenting. Something for all of us to think, analyze and motivate ourselves to make good parenting choices 🙏🏼

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