Don’t Feed The Monster On Tuesday’s…

What an amazing book, both for children and adults! The message is that there is a monster sleeping inside all of us that wants to eat our self esteem. We feed the monster with our negative thinking. For example, people can have various negative thoughts when they look at themselves in the mirror. Someone may think that they are too fat or someone else may think that they are too short, etc. Every negative thought feeds the sleeping monster and makes him bigger and stronger. There are many ways to shrink the monster and make him sleep again. One way is to get unconditional love and messages of positive affirmation from parents. Another way is to be kind to our friends and make it easy for them to like us. Another practical strategy that the book advocates is to decide that we won’t feed the monster on Tuesdays, no matter what. Tuesday’s are the days that the monster will starve. This is something that I feel can be applied by adults. I know I want a ‘Don’t feed the monster on Tuesdays’ day in my life. .

Kindness towards others starts with kindness towards ourselves first. If we want a kinder world, then as parents and caregivers, we need to practice kindness towards ourselves first. By doing so, we will be able to model this kindness towards self to our kids. And together, all of us can spread the ripple effects of kindness into the world around us. I believe that raising kids with a healthy self esteem can be our small contribution as parents, towards building a kinder world. This book could serve as a tool in our toolset to accomplish this goal. .

My boys absolutely loved this book. I think the idea of depicting negative thoughts and feelings as an ugly green monster inside our bodies is very clever and engaging to the younger children. I enjoyed this book very much too. I plan to read it aloud to my 11 year old daughter also soon. May be we will also plan for a family read aloud of this book soon. I found out that there are more books in this series. I will check them out soon from our library.

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