Rock Painting with Kiddos…

Rock painting with my kids…my daughter (the budding baker) painted a cup cake on her rock. One of my boys drew a picture of his grand father with his glasses and a smile, on his rock. He also painted another rock with colors from the American flag. The other one painted a couple of story rocks, where in he came up with various interesting stories with lots of fun details as he painted his rocks. One of his story rocks had a road with curves and bends, twists and turns, mommy was driving her car on that road, there was a volcano at a distance with lava spewing out, etc. I chose a butterfly for mine as I am excited about spring.

My kids love to paint rocks. We often pick them on our nature hikes. They clean them first in our garage, using buckets of soapy water and other cleaning supplies, which is fun in itself. Once they are all clean and dry, we paint them using acrylic paint pens. Fun!

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