Puzzle Therapy…

Puzzle therapy…don’t we all need it sometimes? I recently stocked up my kids playroom with a variety of puzzles from the dollar store. For the past couple of days, I have been finding my kids like this, working intently on their puzzles individually and also as a team, seeking each other’s help as needed. I am always proactively thinking about ways to get all three of my kids positively engaged in an activity together, despite their age differences. It’s hard to accomplish this as I have learned. But, it works sometimes and it’s truly rewarding to me when it works. Don’t get me wrong. Conflict is inevitable when they are all in the same space for longer than a few mins. But again, they can only benefit from this kind of exposure to conflict in the long run, provided they receive the guidance that they need. I try to look at moments of conflict as teaching moments for me as a parent as much as I am able to (not that I succeed all the time :))

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