Quidditch Field Cake…

An Edible Harry Potter themed Quidditch field cake..This is my ten year old’s entry for an edible book contest at a near by library. She spent most of her Saturday baking this cake from scratch and cleaning up afterwards 💕 .

She really enjoys baking so we have discussed some expectations around this at the beginning of this year. To that effect, she does her own planning and comes up with a written ingredient list well in advance so that we don’t have to scramble for this in the last minute. My husband or I help her with shopping for that list. She cleans up after herself to the best of her abilities so that it’s not a lot of additional work for her parents. We help her out whenever we can. We also fully expect her to make mistakes as she learns to do this. There will be times when she will forget something in her ingredient list that would send one of us to the grocery store in the last minute or she may not be able to clean up and need our help, etc. I expect all of this and I am prepared for it. The point is to give her more responsibility, let her embrace that responsibility to the best of her abilities but also to keep in mind that she is still a child who would need a lot of guidance and support from the adults in her life. I am happy to say that she has been doing very well with this so far.

We are also in the process of teaching her financial management in this area. She gets some allowance every month which she can use towards buying the materials that she needs for her baking projects. We opened up a joint bank account for her where we can deposit her allowance money every month. We seeded the account with the money from the gift cards that she received from friends and relatives before. I am also looking into different ways of sharing the baked goods that she makes with the community (surprise drop off at a friend or neighbor’s place, charity bake sales, donations at children’s house, taking them to work and sharing with colleagues, etc). If you have any more ideas on this, please share them with me either here or DM me.

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