Benji & The 24 Pound Banana Squash…

Spring is almost here although I am still doubting it because I’ve learned that warmer weather cannot be taken for granted where I live. This book definitely set us all up into the Spring mood. .

It’s a sweet story of a little boy named Benji, who has saved seeds from a banana squash last year so that he can plant them this year. It’s finally time for him to plant those seeds, which he does with much enthusiasm, with his mother’s help. Now, Benji needs to wait for the sprouts to come out and for the squash to grow from them. We all know that waiting is hard for a little boy. Benji does his best. He is excited when he sees a yellow flower one day. From that yellow flower, a giant banana squash slowly grows in his garden. The cute part is Benji uses sticks to measure the squash as it grows. When he finally harvests the giant squash, his parents are so proud of him that his father takes a picture of him holding the squash and a sign that shows the weight of the squash – cute! .

It’s hard not to get excited about spring and gardening after reading a book like this. After I finished reading this book, I was inundated with requests from my boys to plant the seeds for various vegetables in our garden. It’s not much longer now before we are able to do this 💕

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