Reflections on raising a strong willed child…

It is hard work raising a strong willed child. You are constantly dealing with melt downs, often huge ones, and often in public too. The intensity of feelings in strong willed children is such that their reactions when they don’t get what they want are also very strong. It can be embarrassing to experience these reactions in public. You may feel like you are being judged. You may be tempted to react with a higher intensity just to get their behavior under control. But it is important to remember that behind all this intensity is a sensitive child who lacks the skills to regulate his intense emotions. If you meet his high intensity with your higher intensity then there will most likely be an explosion. And you would only teach the child to keep reacting to their intense emotions until they explode. You will also be squishing the sprit that they are born with, that can accomplish great things if it is cared for in the right manner. .

Staying calm, knowing your child, showing love and acceptance even when they are misbehaving, learning to negotiate with them as opposed to shutting them down completely when they want something and creating opportunities for more positive interactions with them on a regular basis are all important while raising an SWC.

This is all hard work but it can be done. It takes a lot of self work, self care and dedication on the parent’s part. I believe that SWC’s, like anyone else, come into this world with their own purpose. It’s the parent’s job to nourish their souls to fulfill that purpose, not to squish their spirits and get in their way of fulfilling that purpose, just to make the parent look better to the outside world. .

Only a peaceful parent can raise a peaceful child. And only a peaceful child has the potential to create a peaceful world 🙏🏼

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