Happy Women’s Day!

Happy women’s day! I know I am a day late on this but I couldn’t get myself to write this post yesterday. I had a tough couple of days emotionally. I beat myself up over something that happened at work. I was harsh with myself. I struggled with a lot of working mother guilt. Yes, I still have such days despite all the spiritual work that I do. But I also know that this is all normal. I have more awareness now than ever in my life about my feelings and thoughts, especially on such days. I try to stay with them without reacting to them. I reminded myself yesterday that I had a shoulder surgery few months ago. The recovery from it has been much slower than what I was prepared for. Despite this, I juggled three kids, a full time job and the rest, all with mostly a positive attitude. I may not have done everything perfectly, but I did my best with everything. I am still dealing with hurt feelings but now I know not to beat myself up. .

This made me think of all the women out there who are facing “bad days” like I did recently. I admire your courage and strength. You are not alone. We are all connected in this shared journey of life. Our individual story lines may be different but our underlying struggles are similar. We are all in this together. You are doing great. This too shall pass.

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