Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! This photo of a gorgeous sunrise was taken right in front of my house this morning. It’s another reminder of how much beauty there is all around us. Taking short mindful pauses to notice this beauty helps me immensely in my own life. It nourishes my soul and provides long lasting positive inspiration.

My kids were all excited this morning about Valentine’s Day. They stuffed random things that they found around the house into homemade paper gift bags (my daughter’s latest hobby) and exchanged them with each other as gifts. One of my boys wrapped up breakfast bars for his twin brother and gave it to him saying ‘you are my valentine’. I promptly rubbed all of their excitement and enthusiasm onto me. I encountered a passive aggressive covert attack from another adult recently that turned into a knot in my stomach that I was lugging around everywhere. This morning, I decided to release that knot and free myself from that negativity. I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so many blessings. Life is beautiful.

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