Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone! I am a bit over half way through this middle grade fantasy book and absolutely loving it. I have been enjoying middle grade fiction a lot these days. There are some amazing books in this category with great stories minus all the complex adult stuff. I can get in and out of them easily which makes them easier to read during the day whenever I am able to catch a few mins for myself (planned or unplanned). It’s a bonus that they can be finished quickly, making my yearly good reads reading challenge look better. The biggest advantage is they help me connect with my ten year old at a whole different level. .

I am working from home today while also taking care of a sick child who seems to be on the mend now. I know that I would need short mental breaks during the day to survive this double duty. I am looking forward to taking a few minutes here and there to walk around the house in my cozy pink slippers while reading this book. Yes, I like to walk around the house while reading. I can keep my Fitbit happy this way, plus walking and reading are at the top of my list for relaxing activities. Anyone else out there who does this? What are your Friday plans?

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