Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson…

This is a picture book that is probably more appropriate to read to older kids. I actually read it aloud to all three of my kids and they were all fully engrossed in it. The text is simple and the illustrations are beautiful so it’s no surprise that even my younger ones were fully engrossed in it, even though the underlying message is a bit complicated for my four year olds to fully understand at their age.

Maya is a little girl who recently moved to a new school. She is made to feel left out by her classmates because of the way she dresses. The story ends on a sad note, which is why I feel that it’s more appropriate for the older kids. It helps teach them that their actions have consequences and encourages them to choose wisely. The book overall has a very important message about bullying. The part where the teacher has the kids drop a pebble into a bowl of water and demonstrates to them how the ripple effects of kindness spread around into the world is profound. We will definitely be picking this up again in a couple of years.

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