The Red Address Book by Sofia Lundberg…

This book brought up so many emotions in me! After I finished reading it, I just wanted to hug my family and tell them how much I love them. There were places where I felt a tad bit bored or rolled my eyes because some situations felt like they were too coincidental. But the last few chapters had me hugging the book with tears in my eyes. They say an attitude of gratitude leads one to happiness and this book surely drives that point home. It’s a celebration of this journey called life that we are all on.


Doris is a 96 year old woman who lives by herself in Sweden. She spends her days looking back at her life and writing letters to her grand niece Jenny, who lives in San Francisco. Jenny is the only relative of Doris who is alive and is still connected with her via regular Skype calls. As Doris awaits her death in the hospital, we see Jenny healing her own wounds by absorbing the wisdom and courage with which Doris continues to live her own life.


There is a lot about life that we can all learn from someone who is dying, especially someone who has lived a full life, well into their old age. Doris’s life story, as she writes it down for Jenny, filled me with inspiration to embrace my own life fully with all of its imperfections and struggles. Doris’s story also showed me yet again that there really is no one perfect way to live a full life. Every body is on their own unique path and ultimately it’s the journey itself that is priceless. As I imagined myself in Doris’s shoes, living alone with a worn out body and a tired mind, after having outlived most people who are very dear to my heart, I felt an overwhelming amount of compassion for the older people in my life.


With all that said, this book felt a bit too romanticized and sappy in places. If you read JoJo Moyes’s books before and enjoyed them, then there is a good chance that you may enjoy this one too. I liked the underlying philosophical tone that was presented in a light hearted manner. It was a quick read that gave me a bit of a mental break as I continue to contemplate on Golden Child by Claire Adam, a book that I finished recently. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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