The Night Gardener by The Fan Brothers…

A beautiful picture book with gorgeous art. The night gardener secretly transforms Grimloch Lane into a beautiful place that the whole community can enjoy together by carving one tree at a time, working through the night when everybody else is sleeping. The magic he creates transforms the place for a long time after he disappears. It inspires a young boy to follow his footsteps and spread the same magic around. The book starts out with grey pages and slowly every page is filled with colors, allowing the reader to experience the magic that the people living on Grimloch Lane experience. The art in this book is breath taking. The underlying message of spreading kindness around and it’s ripple effects on the world around us, is priceless.

P.S: This book really is much more beautiful than what I am able to show you here via my cell phone pictures, that were as usual, taken in a rush. The point is to share good book reviews, not to focus too much on the quality of the pictures. But for a book like this one, I do wish I had more time and better photography skills at hand.

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