Learning is fun!

A fun/simple experiment that we did at home a few times and always loved it is freezing little toys in the refrigerator and unfreezing them by pounding on the ice, using a hair dryer (my daughter’s idea) and even hot water. This activity is always a big hit with my kids. The best part is I enjoy this as much as them.

We froze a few Halloween party favors like plastic spiders, bats, skeletons and a few tiny dinosaurs plus a tiny Captain America figurine this time around. We used plastic containers and also empty milk cartons. We unfroze all the toys at the end of the day and felt very good about freeing small creatures from snow giants. Since there is plenty of snow available to us now, we changed things a bit this time around and tried to freeze the toys in a mixture of snow and water, which to our surprise, turned into just water almost immediately. Learning is fun!

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