Self Care Sunday…

Self Care Sunday: We made a train out of cardboard boxes today. I borrowed ‘Creative Crafts with Cardboard Boxes’ by Nikki Connor from our library recently. We had accumulated quite a few cardboard boxes recently and I wanted to put them to some creative use. The kids and I worked together to cut the flaps out and then we colored them together using paint sticks. Then we just attached the boxes using masking tape. The plan is to cut holes and put yarn through the boxes so that the boys can put their soft toys in the boxes and drag the train around the house. We didn’t finish this part yet because this was a lot of work and everybody needed a break. But, we will be finishing it up soon. In the end, we simplified the original idea that we tried to implement from the book but that’s ok. The goal is to spend time with each other by fully engaging in an activity that we can all enjoy together and that goal was definitely accomplished.

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