Hooray for Diffendoofer Day…

This is not a book written by Dr Seuss. But, if you are a Dr Suess fan like me, then you have a very good chance of enjoying this book. Dr Suess was working on a book about a particular kind of teacher and school before he passed away. His friends, Jack Prelutsky and Lane Smith, took his unfinished script and wrote this book by drawing inspiration from it. The book itself, while it’s not as good as the books written by Dr Suess (that man had his way with the words that’s only unique to him), is also a fun/engaging book. My boys loved it! I really enjoyed it as well.

Dr Suess takes on the topic of nurturing creativity and independent thinking in schools, which is a topic that I feel passionately about. With a good dose of humor, interesting story and engaging illustrations, this book is very likely to be a great read-aloud with the young kids.

What I enjoyed the most are the pages at the back of the book with pictures of Dr Seuss’s hand written drafts for the last (unpublished) book that he was working on before he passed away. I admire Dr Suess very much for all of his unique gifts and contributions ❤️

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