Mercy Watson Book Series by Kate De Camillo…

We are absolutely loving the Mercy Watson series over here. I checked out a couple of books in this series from our library early this month, not knowing whether my boys are ready for them or not. To my surprise, they instantly fell in love with these books. I immediately put the rest of the books in this series on hold at the library and was able to pick them up a few days ago. The first book is definitely the best of all. I read it multiple times at my boys’ request. But the other books are also very good. I don’t read these books at bed time because they are a bit lengthy for bed time reads. I usually read them before or after meal times or in the car. We also got this whole series on Audible now and our family enjoys listening to these audio books together on longer drives. .

I enjoy reading these books as well because they have a plot and they have more meat to them than the regular picture books. We will still be reading lot of picture books this year but I feel good about taking a chance and introducing my little ones to chapter books, especially now that I know that they love this series.

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