Tomorrow I’ll be Brave by Jessica Hische…

Another beautiful picture book with gorgeous illustrations and an uplifting message. The message, at least the way I interpreted it, is to let kids know that they are brave just for doing what they do in their daily lives and that tomorrow is a new day filled with many chances to be adventurous, creative, confident and brave. Often bravery is interpreted as a heroic act of courage but really the small choices that we all make in our every day lives, like for example, choosing to take the paint brushes out to paint without worrying about producing a perfect piece of art or choosing to play in the mud without worrying about the mess, are all small acts of bravery. And kids are braver than most adults in many such small ways. .

I absolutely loved the hand lettering but I felt that the excessive emphasis on the hand lettering may not be very appealing to the little ones. That said, I would still recommend this book because it helps discuss how to choose to be brave in our daily lives, which is something that the little ones can relate to easily. .

The ‘Why’ page was a big hit with my silly four year olds as I changed my voice with every why on that page. It reminded me of a Piggy & Gerald book that also has a ‘Why’ page similar to this one, which generates big belly laughs all around every time I read it😀

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