Recent Library Haul…

This is the stack of non fiction books that my boys picked during our most recent trip to the library. We are all learning together about the different parts (and their uses) of various kinds of bulldozers, loaders, cranes (missing in the picture), airplanes, bears, raccoons, skunks, and other animals of the world.

It’s so precious watching my boys pick their own books at the library! I get to see each of their personalities as one of them gravitates towards non-fiction books like the ones in this stack and the other one gravitates towards picture books with stories that spur imagination (eg: Perfectly Norman. My little guy would like me to buy wings for him so that he can wear them and fly like Norman) or books with a touch of humor (eg: Piggie & Gerald, Fly Guy series, Froggie series). It’s also interesting to me to see how their interests overlap. I will throw in some books that I want to read to them and we always end up with a beautiful stack with a good variety of books. It’s so special to watch them sit on the reading bench at the library, flipping together through the pages of the books that they picked ❤️

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