My First BOTM Box…

My first BOTM box arrived a few days ago. I got a one year subscription for BOTM recently as my wedding anniversary gift, along with a beautiful, brand new, hardcover copy of Michele Obama’s Becoming. I have accumulated several unread books in my home library and clearly don’t need this subscription at the moment. However, I am fascinated by the idea of getting a box of brand new, hard cover books delivered at my doorstep every month and I am lucky to have a husband who likes to indulge me from time to time. Besides, I am going through a phase in my life where I can’t think of anything else to ask for as gifts, except books.

I picked these two books because they are set in parts of the world that I don’t know much about. I love books that take me to far away places and give me a taste of the culture and lifestyle in those places. I am looking forward to reading these two soon.

Honestly, I really don’t need to own all these books but I certainly do want to own them all. So blessed to have a husband who not only tolerates my bookish obsessions on a daily basis but also indulges me in them some times.

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