Latest Library Haul…

When you give your 4 year olds freedom to pick books off of the shelf at the library, this is what you end up with. We actually ended up with a stack that was three times the size of this stack but I negotiated with them and cut down the size to this. I was also able to convince them to throw in a couple of books of my choice. They picked books about various subjects like vehicles, robots, reptiles, flying machines, UFO’s, pollution and how things work. Most of these books have a lot of text and very few pictures but they have been turning the pages and browsing through them on their own nevertheless. I have also been reading these books to them. .

So far, they are loving ‘The Big Book of Mighty Machines’ the most from this stack. This is a bulky book with engaging pictures of compact cars, race cars, super cars, farm vehicles, various trucks, various types of cycles, motorcycles, trains, etc. They absolutely love this book and won’t let me off the hook until I read the whole book in one sitting, even if it takes a little longer to finish. I am also learning a lot about various vehicles along with them. .

‘Are UFOs Real’ has also been a good read. They are really into Cat in the Hat series these days so ‘Miles and Miles of Reptiles’ has also been a big hit with them. Piggie and Gerald books are always a big hit with them.

I am simply blown away by their curiosity ❤️

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