Beauty and the Beak by Deborah Lee Rose and Jane Velt Kamp…

Beauty is a bald eagle who was born in the wild but ends up rescued and taken to an aviary, after losing a part of her beak and sustaining a few other life threatening injuries in a hunting accident in the wild. She is rescued and nurtured by a few empathetic people, who provide the care that she needs as she is unable to catch prey on her own with her broken beak. Thanks to advanced technologies like 3D printer and 3D dental technology, she is fitted with a prosthetic beak using a metal rod for support.

In the beginning of this book, we follow beauty from her birth as she is being fed by her parents, as she grows and learns to fly, as she learns to catch her prey by herself, etc. With beautiful pictures of wild life and an uplifting real life story of an American Bald Eagle who was rescued from a near death situation and rehabilitated with the help of a few caring people who had access to advanced technologies, this book really touched my heart. My four year old picked this book randomly at the library. I thought it would be one of those educational non-fiction books, mostly geared towards older kids but I didn’t want to disappoint my son so I figured I will read a few lines from each page to him while he enjoys the pictures. What I discovered instead, was a book with simple language, great pictures and an awesome story, definitely appropriate, age wise, for my four year olds. This turned out to be an amazing read in the end. Goes without saying that I should trust my kids’ instincts a bit more. .

The shooting of the bald eagle attracted a lot of attention from my boys. There were quite a few questions about the shooting itself that I welcomed and answered in an age appropriate manner. We were able to talk a bit about endangered species. This also lead to a short discussion about showing empathy towards other living creatures that we share this earth with and in general choosing to care about events that are happening in our surroundings (to combat ‘I don’t care’ that I hear from them sometimes). Then there is the topic of science itself and how scientific inventions can help us in our lives. Amazing!

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