My daughter’s recent baking projects…

One last post for 2018…just sharing my daughter’s recent baking projects. She made a layered vanilla cake (the only cake flavor her brothers would eat) for our family to welcome the new year with. This cake was a fruit of her own labor. She made this all by herself from the scratch. I was pleasantly surprised to see how beautiful it looked when she was done. She also teamed up with her uncle to make a small batch of lime flavored macaroons with cream cheese filling. She is ten years old and really enjoys baking. Although I am not into baking, I do my best to say ‘yes’ to most of her baking requests. Next year, I am committing myself to giving her more opportunities to bake at home and also to find more opportunities to share her baked goods with the community. I am also committing myself next year to finding a way to fit in some formal baking classes for her into our schedules. So far, she hasn’t had any formal baking lessons as such. She watches YouTube videos and experiments on her own.

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