You Can’t Make Me (But I Can Be Persuaded) By Cynthia Ulrich Tobias….

Valuable guidelines on raising an SWC (strong willed child) from my recent read: ‘You can’t make me (But I can be persuaded)’ by Cynthia Tobias Ulrich. I highly recommend this book to all parents out there who are raising SWC’s. The author admits that she was also an SWC, plus she raised twin boys, one of whom is an SWC. I have learned recently that I am also an SWC plus I am raising twin boys, one of whom is an SWC. This is why I was drawn towards this book. There were religious references through out the book, which I didn’t care much for personally, but despite this, the book is concise and packed with useful information. .

Here are a few quotes that resonated with me but haven’t made it into my Instagram feed yet: .

“As a typical SWC, I work in bursts of great inspiration, followed by long plateaus of nothingness. To many, especially frustrated parents, this seems like pure and simple procrastination. But for the SWC, there is a difference between procrastination and a lack of inspiration. The distinction lies in the question. What will it take to inspire me?”

“As an SWC, I’m more likely to ask for and take your advice if I feel you understand what I’m going through in the first place.”

“SWC’s want you to notice that we can do the impossible if we make up our mind to do it. Let us know that you don’t doubt our capability to even to change the world if we decide to.”

“Teaching me to motivate myself will be more valuable than either of us realizes.”

“I sometimes need to experience the consequences of not doing something in order to experience the motivation for doing it.”

“I respond better to a compelling problem that needs to be solved than a chore that needs to be done.”

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