My 4 yr old’s art journal…

My 4 year old’s journal…he caught me sketching in my journal and asked if he could do the same. I shared my journal with him and explained to him that I use my journal when I experience intense feelings and need to calm myself down. He asked for his own journal and I arranged for it immediately. He is still not at that point where he takes his journal out on his own to calm himself down. At the moment, he chooses journaling after he acts out his intense feelings, that too after a few gentle reminders from me, or he takes it out when he is bored. But that’s all normal for his age I think. He is a highly sensitive, passionate and strong-willed little guy. I am hoping that journaling will one day become a tool in his toolbox to help him cope with his own intensity. Besides, I absolutely love his cute drawings and his cute descriptions of them ❤️

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