Boys will be boys is an outdated and harmful platitude…

‘Boys will be boys’ : Let’s all delete this outdated and harmful statement from our mental reserves please. This is not just the feminist in me speaking, but it’s also the mother in me who cares deeply about her boys’ future speaking. My boys are still young, but even at this age, I know that they are capable of much more than just rough housing, jumping on the furniture or behaving in ways that resemble the behaviors of monkeys on steroids. They are fully capable of learning accountability and I am fully committed to teaching all three of my kids accountability, irrespective of their gender. I may make mistakes like everyone else, but I will not hide my mistakes behind a wall of outdated and harmful platitudes just because I am afraid of judgments. I know that my kids deserve much more than this from me. Instead, I will own my mistakes and try to address them to the best of my abilities 🙏🏼

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