Self Care Sunday…

“What good is art if you can’t show it?’ ~ Unknown Author

I have been working on this page from Johanna Basford’s Christmas coloring book – Johanna’s Christmas – for a few weeks now, slowly chipping away at it, whenever I was able to get a few mins to myself. I used my prismacolor pencils and experimented with a new blending technique using petroleum jelly for blending colors. It worked out so well in the beginning that I was excited to have learned a new technique. I started coloring from the middle and as I got closer to the edges of the picture, I noticed that I was smudging colors beyond the lines because the designs were very small and my q-tip with petroleum jelly was a bit too big. I tried my best to erase those smudgings, but it did not work. So, I started filling in the areas around the design with red, hoping that it would hide my color smudges. I experimented with a few other things trying to fix my mistakes and ended up with a result that frustrated me. I was so disappointed that I had to step away from it for a while to wrap my head around what I did. After sleeping on it, now I feel content with it. It may not be perfect but I tried to learn something new and that’s always a good thing whether it’s in art or in life. Our mistakes only make us better people in the end. I look at this simple experience as the universe reminding me yet again to continue to learn and grow, to take calculated risks along the way, to try to embrace failure the same way as embracing success, to try to stay present at all times and enjoy the process overall without getting too attached to the end result. .

Merry Christmas to all of you! Thank you for your support!

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