The Clockmaker’s Daughter by Kate Morton…

Finally finished reading this book yesterday. I have one word for it – tedious. It required a lot of mental effort from me to keep track of all the characters from various time lines. I had to think through the whole book again once I reached the end, to retrace the path that the Radcliffe Blue took as it crossed various time lines. Same with the relationships among the various characters. The narrative seemed very scattered almost until the very end. But, it was also rewarding to see all the different characters and their storylines come together beautifully in the end to reveal the entire history behind a place.

I found the author’s note at the end of the book to be very interesting. Her idea of weaving various stories from various timelines, all tied in together by their place of occurrence (Birchwood Manor) to give a very special and unique character to the place itself, felt pretty cool to me. The writing itself was beautiful. It gave me a nice warm feeling inside.

I would only rate this at 3 stars for now (it was 2.5 stars soon after I finished it) because it required too much effort throughout and the reward at the end, while it was sweet, definitely did not match the effort that I put in to get there. But, I can also feel this book growing on me slowly in an almost inexplicable way, so may be I would feel like bumping up my rating once it all settles in?

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