Fly Guy Presents Book Series…

The Fly Guy books are a big hit with my 4 year olds. They just love Fly Guy. He is silly and funny. We discovered this ‘Fly Guy Presents…’ series of non-fiction books at our library recently. My boys love non fiction books, especially the ones that are related to fire fighters, policemen, dinosaurs, sharks, etc. We read these books several times already and they just love them. Fly Guy adds a touch of silliness and humor to these topics, which make them appealing to silly 4 year olds. And I like to read books about community helpers to my 4 yr olds. They seem to be idolizing them. I use this fact to my advantage to strengthen their perspective taking skills and in inspiring them to make good choices.

This is one more thing that I love about reading to my kids on a regular basis. During those really frustrating parenting moments where I am exhausted and the kids are really pushing my buttons, instead of loosing control and yelling, I am able to pull up a character from a book that I read to them and ask them if that character would do this or I am able to get a stack of books and snuggle up with them to read to them. By doing so, I give myself a few mins to calm down and I am also able to positively redirect my kids at the same time. A few moments of connection in the middle of high conflict situations always does great things to all of our moods and energy levels.

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