Christmas Tree Brownies…

Christmas tree brownies : My ten year old made these last night to share with her classmates at their class Christmas party. I will admit, it was too much effort to accommodate this on a weeknight, particularly this week (a long week at work fo me). I think I overstretched myself and eventually lost it. I made amends with everyone later and managed to tuck them into their beds with smiles on their faces. But, this is another reminder for me to continue to work on finding healthier ways of coping with my own stress so that I can model self regulation to my kids.

The brownies were amazing! This was all my daughter from idea to execution. She has been planning to make these for a few days now. I have my own creative hobbies that I enjoy but I admit, I don’t have a single baking bone in my body. My involvement last night was limited to helping my daughter clean up. These brownies tell me yet again that I have no right getting in my daughter’s way when her brain is filled with such amazing, creative ideas. But, I can discuss my concerns with her, incorporate her ideas and together we can find a win-win solution that works for the whole family.

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