Mom Diaries…

My ten year old spent her Sunday morning sewing snowflakes on holiday cards for her teachers and making surprise handmade gifts for her mom, dad and twin younger brothers.

This reminded me of the time when she was younger and I used to help her make gifts for her teachers every year. I remember how it was a challenge to take the time for this back then even though I had only one kid at that time. Looking back now, I know that this was because there were so many other (unnecessary) commitments taking up my physical and mental bandwidth at that time! It felt challenging to make this a priority but I fought for it and managed it somehow. Now, after all these years and after three kids, surprisingly, I have more time to spend with my kids. This is because I am crystal clear in my mind about what my priorities are. I have learned to live with gratitude, joy, meaning and a sense of purpose in my daily life. I have learned to not give my mental and physical attention to people and activities that take me away from this way of living. I have also learned to forgive and ignore the people who try to bring me down without hanging on to any resentment in my mind. I admit that this all still work in progress but I am definitely getting better at this the more I practice it. What an incredible journey this has been so far!

On that note, both my boys made cards for their parents and put them in our stocking stuffers. We didn’t ask for them, they were just following their sister’s lead on this ❤️

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