Stellaluna is a baby fruit bat who gets separated from her mother and ends up in a bird’s nest that already has three baby birds. Stellaluna struggles to make the nest her home and to behave like the other three birds so that she can fit in to her new surroundings. It’s hard work but she does her best. In return, the birds treat her kindly and share their food as well as their home with her. One day, she is accidentally reunited with her mother and a few more fruit bats. She learns from their reactions that fruit bats are meant to eat fruits, not worms, hang upside down, not the other way round and fly at night, not during the day. She goes back to her three birdie friends temporarily and tries to teach them the fruit bat’s ways of living. Just as Stellaluna struggled to adapt the birds’ way of living, the birds also struggle to adapt the fruit bat’s ways of living. The interesting thing is that fruit bats think that the birds ways of living are strange and the birds think that the fruit bats’ ways of living are strange. Stellaluna and her three bird friends decide ultimately that they may be different from the outside but they are all the same inside and that they are friends.

A sweet story with a sweet message, very appropriate for young readers. It’s a great conversation starter to talk to young kids about how people may look different from the outside but inside we all have similar feelings. A powerful message against bullying in general. My four year olds loved this book as much as I did. The illustrations are beautiful and engaging, just like the story. I highly recommend this book.

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